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Reopening of Jackson Elementary School
Thoughts, Guidelines and Procedures
July 30th, 2020
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●1 Daytime Custodian; 1 Night time Custodian; Part time Custodian
●25% Cut to Site Budget
●Hybrid Teaching Model adopted by the RUSD School Board on July 28th.
General Information
●At this time, all adults are expected to wear masks and students in 3rd-5th grade are expected to wear masks unless they are outside at recess, eating their snack, participating in PE, or they are in the school garden. Children in Kindergarten-2nd grade are not required to wear a mask at this time. Parents can provide a doctor’s note for their child in 3rd-5th not to wear a mask.
●Parents will do a health check of each child before coming to school in the morning to make sure the child doesn’t have a fever or that the child isn’t presenting as ill.
●Videos will be produced, one for parents, and one for students, and released via email on August 8th, to review new guidelines prior to school starting.
●TK/Kindergarten Assessment Days (8/4 and 8/5) –Social Distancing; Parents wear masks.
●Kindergarten Orientation (8/7) in the Gym. Two sessions:11:00-11:30 and 12:00-12:30. One parent with the child, no siblings. Parents will have socially distanced seating in the Ruppel Center.
●Back to School Night will need to be virtual; Zoom meetings recommended
●Parent Conferences are in person (20 minutes in between for cleaning) or by Zoom if needed. You can also have two or three seating areas in the classroomso you can rotate and do three conferences and then clean.
●IEP Meetings are in person or can be virtual if more than 8 people.
●504 Meetings are in person –B-3 (Can be virtual if more than 8 people)
●Try to hold any parent meetings between teacher and parent virtually or on the phone.
●No Field Trips (Including at this time Spelling Bee, Oral Interpretation)oCreativity will be needed to provide virtual field trips.
●No Large AssembliesoAwards Assemblies in Gym by grade level ORoCan go into classrooms if needed
●No Class Plays or Presentations unless done virtually and only one class in a space at a time -No parents/visitors
●Classes should not cross mingle in closed in spaces
●No Parent Volunteers or Credentialed Volunteers at least through the first trimester (Will be evaluated)
●No Fun Friday Flip / Switching Classes for activities, 4/5th electives, etc.
●PTO support will need to be different than what was done in the past.
●No Science Fair or make it Virtual with pre-recorded presentations from students
●Teach and enforce hand washing each time students come into class and before and after eating/restroom use.
●Students can line up at their own classroom on the purple X’s each morning before school starts and socially distance.
●Students are not to arrive until 8:45am-school starts at 8:55 this year.
●Kindergarteners report to their building; One class lines up on each side of the building. Parents need to be with their student and social distance.
●Kindergarteners that arrive on the bus will be walked to the kinder line (PM students only).
●Masks are required for all parents coming onto campus to drop off their students (per state mandate).
●Parents walking their children to school from Fairchild Village and Saint Andrew’s Village should stay at the front of the school and let their children walk to class if they are in 2nd-5th grade. Kinder and first grade parents can walk their children to the classroom line-up location and stay with them until the bell rings.
●Each class has their own bag of equipment (order rubber balls, soccer ball, basketball, jump ropes, etc.) and a tub of board games, chalk, etc.
●Each class is responsible to take it out and back at each recess
.●Students will have a colored lanyard for each class. They will wear the lanyards out to recess. The teachers will check the large map outside the Ruppel Center to see which play zone a class is assigned for recess and will walk the class to that zone. Restrooms will have three hooks for lanyards, one set for the boy’s bathroom and one for the girl's bathroom, when all three hooks have lanyards hanging on them the restroom is full. Students will wait on the purple Xs until someone comes out, retrieves their lanyard and the next student in line can hang their lanyard and go inside. ●Students wash their hands at the end of recess. Two large handwashing stations will be brought on campus.
●Yard Supervisor stationed at restrooms to monitor student entrance/upper blacktop zone.
●Basketball is “Knock Out”like games without physical contact.
●Other activities: 4 square and tetherball on lower blacktop.
●Classes line up in their designated locations arms-length apart (1st-3rd in marked areas around the Ruppel CenteronXs.) (4th-5th on upper blacktop)
●Two large handwashing stations will be installed for students to wash their hands (12 person washing stations)
●Kindergarten eats on picnic tables under trees in the lunch area. One class eats and one class plays in the Kindergarten area. Then they switch. Tables will be disinfected in between.
●Kindergarten aides will pick up school lunches.
●Lunch/recess for 1st-5th will be staggered, half eat and half play (20 minutes) and then they have 5 minutes to switch. An air horn will be used to signal the switch.
●Two tables per class inside the Ruppel Center so students can have extra space for seating.
●Tables cleaned and disinfected between class seating for the first and second half of lunch.
●Grab and go lunches only (No salad bar and one entrée choice)
●Yard Supervisor to monitor line to ensure social distancing, students stand on purple Xs.
●Closed before and after school
●Library will have a sanitation center located in the front of the library for students to sanitize their hands as they enter the library.
●Students in grades 1-5 will have a library pass made for them that will be kept in the classroom. This will be used as their library card.
●Zoom or similar format to read stories and or train students on Destiny
●TK & K students will have a pre-selection of books brought to class to pick from. Library bags will be provided, book will be placed in their bag and librarian will pick up basket of bags and then check out to students.
●1-3 students would be coming into the library as a small group (5-7) for approximately ten minutes to pick from pre-selected books from the tables and possibly on top of shelves.
●3rd grade students will be taught after several weeks to use Destiny to make a wish list and or place a hold on books.
●4-5 students will be taught by Zoom or similar format to use Destiny to make a wish list and or place a hold on books. The Librarian will check out the first two books that are available to the student. Names will be placed on the books and put in cart for the class. Either the librarian or a student would bring the cart to the class. The Teacher can pass out books to students.
●Books can be returned into the book drop that will be located in front of the library daily.
●All books will be cleaned when returned to the library.
 Computer Lab
●Instrumental Band protocols will be sent out by the band teacher.
●Instrumental Band is an optional program.
●Students practice by instrument in small groups.
●Spread out class, possibly outside.(Social Distance)
●Julie Reimer’s music class cancelled for fall. We will revisit music in spring.
●Students and staff wear masks/face shields
●Desks all facing forward
●As much space as possible between desksoEach grade level will look at their rooms to assign a seating arrangement that will work for their respective grade level for all aspects of their day
●Small group tables wiped down between groups.
●Students all have their own materials (crayons, scissors, pencils, glue, ruler, etc) in their own pencil box.
●No sharing of materials unless they can be cleaned between uses.
●There will be midday cleaning of classrooms (i.e. doorknobs, sinks, counters, faucets).
●Students are asked to bring or have their own water bottles that they can fill. Students will not use drinking fountains.
●Students going to the Learning Center will need to wash their hands upon arrival. Each learning area will need to be wiped down between each group of students.
Front Office
●Drop off box for materials being handed in.
●Limit of numbers of people in the office; Folks wait outside to come in, X’s on ground.
●People cannot come past the front counter.
●Parents only enter/exit through the front door
●Reduce seating to accommodate 6 ft distancing
●Limit number of people in the office, Xs on the floor for students signing in tardy.
●All deliveries of lunches, etc. left in the office, no parent delivery to classes.
●Parents cannot sign-in to eat lunch with their students or to volunteer.
Health Office
●Students may come up to take medications as done in the past
●All surfaces will be wiped down after each student’s visit.
●Sick Students
        o Send sick students to the office for evaluation
        o Call ahead and let us know they are coming
        o Use “Containment Room” for students that may displayCOVID or other symptoms (Admin 3)
           ▪Health Office Nurse will supervise that space
           ▪Office staff will assist in the Health Office if this occurs
Students in the Office
●No students should be sent to the office to finish work or for classroom timeout unless on a referral from the principal.
●Students sent to the office for discipline -you must call ahead to let us know they are coming.
        o Principal or Teacher-in-Charge may need to go and pick up that student
Afternoon Pick-Up
       o Kinder dismissal as usual along the kindergarten yard fence lineand on the oppositeside of      the Kindergarten building.Parents -social distancing is encouraged and masks per state mandate.
●On Campus/Car Line Parent Pick Up
      o Parents can come on to the campus for picking up 1st graders and must socially distance. Parents picking up for 2nd through 5thgrade will wait in cars or infront of the school if on foot.
      oTeachers will have 4th & 5th classes on upper blacktop -students will be called by last name       tocar circle.
      o Students in 1st-3rd will have locations out in front of school for their class line as they wait for           parent picking up in cars -their classes must stay lined up unless the student is walking home ,       going to Extended Day OR sees their parent out front on campus-then they can ask the       teacher to leave the line.
       o Parents will place name cards in their windshield to assist staff with pick up. School to provide name cards for windshields.
     o Students will form a line down below in front of the buspull out-social distancing on Xs.
     o Staff supervision will monitor to ensure students are seated appropriately.
Staff Lounge
●Each staff member wipes down the tableafter eating.
●Classes will line up on their spots outside for warm ups
●Students willwash their hands at the beginning and end of PE
●Units will be non-contactactivities with social distancing encouraged
●Our PE teacher, Mrs. Nichols will arrange the PE classroom withall desks facing forward and the students will be socially distanced forinstruction during inclement weather days.
●Equipment will be cleaned each day.
Extracurricular Activities
●NoCross Country
●No Basketball
●No Choir
●No Volleyball
What will happen if there is a case of COVID-19?
●Notify Rescue District Office
●Notify County Health Office
   oThey will evaluate
   oThey will make a recommendation regarding closing a class/school
   oThey will determine number of days of closure
   oThey will determine number of quarantine days
●Custodial staff does cleaning and sanitizing in theclassroom.
●County will notify us of official cases.
Things to think about...
Rainy Day School Procedures –Before school, students hang their backpacks outside their classroom and report to the Ruppel Center. They sit at the table that has their class symbol, red apple, green frog, etc. until the bell rings. Activities at that table are specific to that class and their activity tub.Materials will be disinfected before the afternoon students use the class activity tub.At lunch time, students currently go into the Ruppel Center but we will have to have half of the students in the Ruppel Center and half of the students eating in classrooms.If the rain is more than one day we will rotate the classes so they can switch and eat in the Ruppel Center and not have the same classes eating in classrooms day after day.
   ●Class Pictures will continue to use the Multipurpose Room. One class per time. Discussions will need to happen regarding class pictures in the Spring
• COVID Compact –Parents will be asked to sign an agreement of expectations to assist us with their children. That agreement is being developed.