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Welcome to Mrs. Christensen's ClassTop of Page

Welcome to first grade!
This is a year of wonderful growth and learning new things. 
I look forward to meeting all of you formally on Aug. 22, 2019 for back to school night. At that time I will go over all the great things we have in store for your child this coming year in first grade. Before that time, we will not have any formal homework. We will have a few get to know you activities. Thank you for helping your child prepare to share about all the special things about them.
Notes for a great first few days:
  • Please make sure your child has a nutritious snack daily. It is a long day for first graders. We have snack usually before first recess. 
  • We may have chilly mornings and warmer afternoons. A light article of clothing labeled with a name is wonderful. That way, if lost, we can make sure it gets home safely.
  • If you could return any forms promptly it is greatly appreciated. It is really important if your child has an allergy, goes home with someone else, or has something new at home that it would be good for me to know about. 
  • Students are dealing with a new recess protocol. This is the first year on the big yard. Children are now working with wonderful yard duty. Encourage your child to feel comfortable approaching them with needs on the yard.  
  • I am happy to meet with parents, although, if longer than a minute, please make an appointment. Mornings and afternoons are full of new routines that need lots of practice and guidance. 
  • I will walk students out to the front tree area daily at the end of the day. 
  • Our email and phone systems are wonderful, but if you need me to know something for the day, please send a good old fashioned hand written note. I often am not able to get to the phone or email throughout the school day. 
I look forward to a great year! 
Lynette Christensen


Throughout this year as I encourage your children to stretch their thinking and talents, I will refer to them as "OWLS". If your child comes home talking about this, it stands for outstanding wise learning scholars. We will be doing many activities which will encourage them to work independently and in groups using inquiry based strategies and collaboration. 

Volunteers Top of Page

Volunteers are vital to elementary education. I value your time in and out of the room. I will be starting volunteers slowly as we get to know each other in the classroom and our schedule becomes more solidified.   More information will be coming, and I will have a short meeting for volunteers within the first month of school right after school. Throughout the week, there will be opportunities for art help, computer help, curriculum centers and various other fun activities. Please get any needed paperwork in to the office for district volunteer clearance. If unsure what is required, please call our front office staff to assist you. 

HomeworkTop of Page

Homework will be given weekly on Fridays in the FISH folder. Please return the homework on the following Friday, but the folder on MONDAY.  Most weeks will include the same type of items, spelling work, math practice, and reading expectations. It will include a cover sheet with specific instructions for the week. Also, library books are due the day before we actually go to the library. This insures that the librarian is able to check books in before we arrive. 
I will also have star students weekly and if your child is picked, all information will go home on Friday before for the star to shine. Each day has specific activities students can do if they choose to for star student. 
Throughout the year, I may have larger fun projects to complete. I promise I will give you plenty of time to prepare together. 

Supply Wish List (for the year)Top of Page

Thank you for all you provide. I have all I need to start the year! Please do not rush out to buy anything. These items may be needed throughout the year. If we are in dire need, I usually send out a note requesting donations. 
  • Backpack/lunchbox/jackets/sweaters (labeled with name)
  • upright square kleenex boxes
  • pump hand soap
  • crayola 24 pack of crayons (3 boxes, not washable)
  • baby wipes
  • clorox wipes
  • ziplock gallon size baggies
  • ziplock sandwich size baggies
  • Ticonderoga "my first pencils" (4 pack)
  • cap erasers
  • small yellow sticky notes
  • 6 glue sticks (3 large and 3 small)
  • thin crayola markers  (10 pack)
Extra supplies always appreciated but not necessary...
  • Ream of white paper
  • binder paper plastic sleeves
  • water color paper
  • electric heavy duty pencil sharpener
  • colored sharpies
  • small stickers
  • treasure box small treat items ( no candy or food please)
  • Michael's/Target/Amazon/Staples gift cards
  • small folding step ladder
  • printer ink (ask me for model and number)