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 Jackson Elementary School Guidelines
Phase 2
Guidelines and Procedures
January 25th, 2021
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This document has been revised to align with the “COVID-19 and Reopening In-Person Instruction Framework & Public Health Guidance for K-12 Schools in California, 2020-2021 School Year” document received on January 14, 2021.
There has been a change in the definition of the word “cohort” by the Public Health Department which now defines the word “cohort” as a small group receiving targeted intervention services.  The AM/PM groups of students in the hybrid model will be referred to as “stable groups” from this point forward.
Instruction beginning on 1/25/21 will be designed around the policies in the document mentioned above.  These changes will result in different guidelines than we had planned on up to this point.  
Above all, safety is our highest priority.  Beginning on January 25th, we will remain in the hybrid model with some adjustments. It will be very important that our safety protocols at school are followed closely.  Please read the following policies that will be in place on campus at all times
If we all do our part, we can ensure that Jackson Elementary School will remain open throughout the spring.  Please prepare a plan for your family in the event that we call you to pick up your child and your child has to quarantine for 10 days.  That is always a possibility and it is easier if you have a plan in place ahead of time.  Thank you in advance for your cooperation.
Any new information that has been added to the Phase 2 plan is in bold print.
 General Information
  • All students in TK through 5th grade will stay in the hybrid model in AM/PM stable groups until further notice.
  • At this time, all adults are required to wear masks, and students in 3rd-5th grade are required to wear masks. Children who are playing at recess or participating in PE will wear masks “even while playing with heavy exertion as tolerated”.
  • Children in TK- 2nd grade are required to wear a mask.
  • Parents can provide a doctor’s note for a medical exemption for their child not to wear a mask if they have a medical condition. Students with a medical exemption must wear a shield with a drape.
  • Please remember that masks must be clean and laundered regularly.
  • “Schools must exclude students from campus if they are not exempt from wearing a face covering under California Department of Public Health guidelines and refuse to wear a face covering”.
  • Parents will do a health check of each child before coming to school in the morning to make sure their child doesn’t have a fever or that the child isn’t presenting as ill. Parents will keep their child home even if they are exhibiting mild symptoms.
  • Students exhibiting one or more symptoms of COVID-19 will be sent home from school.
  • IEP Meetings will be held via ZOOM until further notice.
  • 504 Meetings will be held via ZOOM until further notice.
  • Parent meetings between teacher and parent can be virtual or on the phone.
  • No Field Trips (Including at this time Spelling Bee, and Oral Interpretation)
    • Virtual field trips are an option for classes.
  • No Large Assemblies
    • Awards Assemblies in Gym by grade level OR
    • Can go into classrooms if needed
  • No Class Plays or Presentations unless done virtually and only one class in a space at a time - No parents/visitors
  • NO food can come into classrooms from the outside community for birthdays or class parties, etc.
  • Classes will not cross mingle in closed-in spaces.
  • Teachers will enforce handwashing procedures each time students come into the class, before and after eating, and after restroom use.
  • No Parent Volunteers or Credentialed Volunteers beginning in January and re-evaluated periodically throughout the spring.
  • No Fun Friday Flip / Switching Classes for activities, 4/5th electives, etc.
  • PTO meetings will continue via ZOOM and the PTO will plan appropriate activities within our protocols.
  • Science Fair projects will be on display in the gym and each individual class will sign up for viewings in the AM/PM sessions. Awards will take place in classroom stable groups (March 2021).
  • All students in 1st-5th grade will come directly to the blacktop to line up by class. In rainy weather, students will go to their assigned teacher’s table in the Ruppel Center.  Students will socially distance in line while waiting for their teacher.
  • Students are not to arrive until 8:45 am- school starts at 8:55 this year.
  • Kindergarteners report to their building; One class lines up along the kindergarten fence and one lines up along the wall by the front office. In rainy weather, students will come into the kindergarten classroom as they arrive between 8:45-8:55.
  • Kindergarteners that arrive on the bus will be walked to the kinder line/classroom (PM students only).
  • Masks are required for all parents coming onto campus to drop off their students (per state mandate).
  • Parents walking their children to school from either Fairchild Village or Saint Andrew’s Village should socially distance/wear masks while walking. Once on campus, parents should stay at the front of the school and let their children walk to their class line on the blacktop or to the gym if it is raining.  Kindergarten parents can walk their children to the classroom line-up location and stay with them until the bell rings or let them enter the classroom with their teacher if it is raining.
  • Kindergarten parents must supervise their children and keep them from running around the front of the campus.
  • The snack/recess schedule will remain the same.
  • Children will have assigned seats at their class lunch tables to help with contact tracing.
  • Each class has their own bag of equipment (order rubber balls, soccer ball, basketball, jump ropes, etc.) and a tub of manipulatives, chalk, etc.
  • Each class is responsible to take it out and bring back at the last recess if it is an outdoor play day.
  • Students will have a colored lanyard for each class. They will wear the lanyards out to recess. The teachers will check the large map outside the Ruppel Center to see which play zone a class is assigned for recess and will walk the class to that zone.  Restrooms will have three hooks for lanyards, one set for the boy’s bathroom and one for the girl's bathroom, when all three hooks have lanyards hanging on them the restroom is full.  Students will wait on the purple Xs until someone comes out, retrieves their lanyard and the next student in line can hang their lanyard and go inside.  
  • Students wash their hands at the end of recess. Two large handwashing stations are on campus for class use as well as sinks in classrooms.
  • A yard supervisor stationed at restrooms to monitor student entrance/upper blacktop zone.
  • Basketball is “Knock Out” like games without physical contact.
  • Other activities: 4 square and tetherball on the lower blacktop. 
  • Classes will line up in their designated locations on the large blacktop area or their assigned table in the Ruppel Center if raining.
  • All children will receive a free lunch at dismissal each day to take home for the remainder of the school year.
  • Closed before and after school
  • Library will have a sanitation center located in the front of the library for students to sanitize their hands as they enter the library.
  • Zoom or similar format to read stories and or train students on Destiny.
  • TK & K students will have a pre-selection of books brought to class to pick from.
  • 1-3 students will be coming to the library as a small group (5-7) for approximately ten minutes to pick from pre-selected books from the cart.
  • 3rd grade students will be taught to use Destiny to make a wish list and or place a hold on books.
  • 4-5 students will be taught by Zoom or similar format to use Destiny to make a wish list and or place a hold on books. The Librarian will check out the first two books that are available to the student. Names will be placed on the books and brought to the class by the librarian.
  • Books can be returned into the book drop that will be located in front and back of the library daily.
  • All books will be cleaned when returned to the library.
  • Instrumental Band protocols will be sent out by the band teacher.
  • Beginning in January, Instrumental Band will continue to be taught via ZOOM.
  • Julie Reimer’s music class is canceled for Spring.
  • Merv filters and ionizers will be placed in all classroom HVAC systems.
  • Each classroom will have a table top air filter.
  • Classroom teachers will open windows for fresh air when possible.
  • We will provide as much space as possible between desks in the classroom.
  • The teacher’s workstation will be at least 6 feet from student desks.
    • Each grade level will look at their rooms to assign a seating arrangement that will work for their respective grade level for all aspects of their day
  • Student chairs will be no less than 4 feet apart.
  • Small group tables will be disinfected and wiped down between groups.
  • Students all have their own materials (crayons, scissors, pencils, glue, ruler, etc.) in their own pencil box.
  • No sharing of materials unless they can be cleaned between uses.
  • There will be midday cleaning of classrooms (sinks, counters, faucets) by the teacher. High traffic zones i.e. bathrooms, door handles, etc. will be sprayed by a custodian.
  • Students are asked to bring or have their own water bottles that they can fill. Students will not use the drinking fountains.
  • Students going to the Learning Center will need to wash their hands upon entering. Students and staff will wear masks/face shields in the Learning Center.
  • Desks will all be facing forward when possible.
  • Each learning area will need to be wiped down between each group of students.
Front Office
  • Drop off box for materials being handed in.
  • Limit number of people in the office. Visitors will wait outside to come in, X’s are on ground.
  • People cannot come past the front counter.
  • Parents only enter/exit through the front door
  • Reduce seating to accommodate 6 ft. distancing
  • All deliveries of lunches, etc. left in the office, no parent delivery to classes.
  • Parents cannot sign-in to eat lunch with their students or to volunteer.
 Health Office
  • Students may come up to take medications as done in the past.
  • All surfaces will be wiped down after each student’s visit.
  • Sick Students
    • Teachers will send sick students to the office for evaluation
    • Teachers will call ahead and alert the office that a student is coming
    • Children must be wearing a mask before they leave the classroom to come to the office.
    • Use “Containment Room” for students that may display COVID or other symptoms (Admin 3)
      • Health Office Nurse will supervise that space.
      • Office staff will assist in the Health Office if this occurs.
    • If a student goes home with symptoms the “stable group” will not quarantine unless the child tests positive.
Students in the Office
  • No students should be sent to the office to finish work or for classroom timeout unless on a referral from the principal.
  • Students sent to the office for discipline - the teacher must call ahead to let us know they are coming.
    • Principal or Teacher-in-Charge may need to go and pick up that student.
Afternoon Pick-Up
  • Kindergarten
    • Kinder dismissal is as usual along the kindergarten yard fence line and along the front of the office. Parents, please supervise your children upon dismissal, they cannot run around the front of the campus.
On Campus/Car Line Parent Pick Up
  • Parents picking up for 1st through 5th grade will wait in cars or around the perimeter of the blacktop. If it is raining, parents will wait in cars and children will be sent from their assigned class tables in the gym to the front of the school.  Parents on foot can come to the Ruppel Center doors and let the adult at the door know who they are picking up.  The adult will get your child for you.
  • In nice weather, teachers will have 1st-5th grade classes out on the large blacktop area - students will be called by last name to the car circle. Students will be dismissed from the blacktop to Extended Day or dismissed to walk home down the steps.
  • Parents will place name cards in their windshield to assist staff with pick up. This is very helpful for us as we have new staff members.
  • Bus
    • Students will form a line down below in front of the bus pull out lane- social distancing on Xs.
    • Bus drivers will monitor to ensure students are seated appropriately.
  • Classes will line up on their spots outside for warm ups
  • Students will wash their hands at the beginning and end of PE
  • Units will be non-contact activities with social distancing in place.
  • Students will wear masks for PE, even while playing as long as it is tolerated.
  • Equipment will be cleaned each day by the PE teacher.
Extracurricular Activities
  • No Cross Country
  • No Basketball
  • No Choir
  • No JAG
  • No Volleyball
What if a child shows symptoms?
  • The child will be escorted by staff to the office with their belongings. If the health care professionals in the office determine that the student may be ill, the child will be isolated until the parent or guardian arrives.  The school will follow procedures outlined by the California Department of Public Health.
What will happen if there is a case of COVID-19?
  • Notify Rescue District Office
  • Notify County Health Office
    • They will evaluate
    • They will make a recommendation regarding closing a class/school
    • They will determine number of days of closure
    • They will determine number of quarantine days
  • Custodial staff does cleaning and sanitizing in the classroom.
  • The county will notify us of official cases.
Please follow the following link for information on proper face covering/ mask washing.