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Celebrate your child’s birthday or a special event in their life by joining the Jackson Celebration Book Club. Membership in the club enables a student to become a lasting part of Jackson School by having their name and special day inscribed in a new book and added to the library's collection. 

  To enroll your child, simply print and
 fill out the form, write your child's name, teacher, and the words “Celebration Book Club” on the outside of an envelope. Enclose the $20 dollar membership fee with the form and return it to the school office. The membership fee is applied toward the cost of one new hardcover book. Then, on or near your child's birthday or special event, she/he will get to select a book from a collection of new books reserved for club members. The book will be inscribed with their name and they will be the first to check it out. Upon return, the book will then be put into general circulation. Please explain that the selected book is not your child's book to keep, but part of the library collection and must be returned to the library for others to enjoy. 

Thank you for supporting your Jackson School Library!